Day 6. Eye Contact: Write about two people seeing each other for the first time.

It was an ordinary day for Leslie, she waked up, tidied her bed, maked a cup of coffee while she tried to gave herself a look that she could go to work. But she felt no desire for going outside to going to work, there will be such a long road to take for sitting on the computer desk and setting meetings. Anyway, she took her bags and her shoes while she is trying to wear her shoes, checked her phone for emails, nothing can be more ordinary than this and the only thing she want was coming back home and sleep.

When she went outside, the weather was dark and it was raining a little so she decided to take metro instead of her bike, there were such a long time since she used the underground. The thing that she saw in the metro was strange because there was just one guy at the stop, even though it was very ordinary day for Leslie it was not an ordinary day for the city.

At first Leslie was scared and doubtful from the situation but after a while since th eonly goal for her was going to work she just focused on the remaining time on the board for train.

She could see the other guy waiting, checked on him just by looking if she knew him or not, but she didn’t know him for sure. He was tall, very well shaped beard and brunette skin wearing very casual hoodie and a jean.

Jack was very excited to see Leslie’s face when he propose, it was never same since the motor accident that they had, Leslie lost some parts of her memory so whenever she see Jack for her it was the first seeing everytime. Since they met in the metroline by choice, for a day Jack made some adjusments for closing the metroline for an half hour to relive that moment.

While Leslie was still observing the guy, a moment she realized that he was aware of being watched. When he looked in her eye, Leslie was also looking at him, those brown eyes gave her confidence and familiar vibe. His eyes were very deep and he really looked her in the eye so she felt that she should go near.

Jack was very excited to see her eyes like exactly the day they met, the same wonder and a little anxious but the same feeling for Jack couldn’t not stop him from looking her in the eye.

Now, Leslie was next to Jack and Jack said “Good morning, may I show you something madam?” and watched her a story about them from his phone to not scary her with a big screen. At the end Leslie was crying when Jack proposed and whispering “Yes of course.”

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